We're Public Transit

We’re mobility for small urban public transit systems that give Ontario’s small communities the Freedom to Move.

We're Accessible Transit

We’re mobility for all,
providing access to everything, for everyone.

We're Inter-Community Transit

We’re connected mobility providing people of small rural communities with a vital link
to larger urban centres.

We're Contract Shuttles

We’re helping Colleges, Universities, Hospitals and Corporations stay mobile with Fixed Route, and On Demand Shuttle Services, designed for their riders.

We're working with Provincial and Federal Partners

We’re helping communities become stronger, and more vibrant with Inter-Community Transit, Public Transit and ACCESSIBLE Transit Services through funding grants and programs available to Municipal leaders. Talk to us about opportunities for your community or visit these resources for more information

Drive With Us

Our Employees Ranked Us As
Canada's Safest Employers.

Recently Voyago employees participated in the annual Canada's Safest Employer independent survey and they overwhelmingly agree that Voyago is one of Canada's Safest Employers.
Canada's safest employer award

Voyago COVID-19 Response Measures

Voyago has implemented several protocols within our operations that ensure our Employees, Ridership, and Visitors are well protected from possible spread of COVID-19. Our multi-point strategy includes, Daily Active Screening, Personal Hygiene Measures, Personal Protective Equipment, Physical Distancing, Protocol Communications and Training, and Environmental Protection Actions for our facilities and vehicles.


We encourage you to follow your local guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and make use of  tools available from the Ontario Ministry of Health. 

Ontario Ministry of Health