Public Transit Worker Appreciation Week March 18-22,
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Thank you Tim Wells
Thank you Lyle Kersey
Thank you Colleen Hamilton
Thank you Al Thompson
Thank you Eberhard Wey
Thank you Mark Guy
Thank you Taranbir Singh
Thank you Vanessa Garret

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We're Public Transit

We’re mobility for small urban public transit systems that keep Ontario’s small community transit systems on the move.

We're ParaTransit Service

We’re mobility for all which brings the world to everyone, in every community, for any need.

We're Inter-Community

We’re connecting people from community to community with Inter-Community Transit systems that improve rural life, and make for vibrant small towns .

Watch the Future of Mobility

"The future of mobility will be more connected, more accessible, to more people in more places than at any other time in our history - what an exciting time to be in this business"
Jason keillor
General Manager Voyago Transit

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"Voyago Transit offers administration, dispatch, operations, automotive technicians, and driver jobs across Ontario and we're looking for more great people to join our team."
Bob Jones
VOYAGO Transit Driver Since 2008

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Voyago COVID-19 Response Measures

Voyago has implemented several protocols within our operations that ensure our Employees, Ridership, and Visitors are well protected from possible spread of COVID-19. Our multi-point strategy includes, Daily Active Screening, Personal Hygiene Measures, Personal Protective Equipment, Physical Distancing, Protocol Communications and Training, and Environmental Protection Actions for our facilities and vehicles.


We encourage you to follow your local guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and make use of  tools available from the Ontario Ministry of Health. 

Ontario Ministry of Health