Freedom To Move

Voyago is Public Transit

Voyago Transit provides Conventional, Accessible, and Shared mobility to communities across Ontario. We work in partnership with provincial, and municipal leaders to ensure that all communities are connected, accessible and equitable. We believe in Freedom To Move and remain committed in our role of helping Ontario become more accessible, by more people, more often.


Voyago Accessible Transit has been a trusted partner of London Transit Commission for over 20 years. In partnership with the LTC we operate more than 50 Specialised Transit vehicles each to bring mobility to all, in an on-demand and flex routing system. Voyago is Ontario’s most trusted Accessibility Transit Service providers, from Healthcare, to Ontario Schools and Long Term Care. We’ve helped set the standard of care and bring mobility to more people.
Strathroy Ontario
London Ontario
Tillsonburg Ontario
North Bay Ontario
Woodstock Ontario


Voyago is a leader in Public Transit and has been a part of the Ontario landscape for over 40 years. Our success in Transit Services has been built on our reputation for delivering Safe, Caring Mobility for our riders and Efficient Reliable Service to our community partners.


Connecting Community to Community. Ontario’s Inter-Community Transit Plan is a bold and important step towards supporting Rural life throughout the province. Creating a connected inter-modal system of mobility from Rural to Urban will allow Ontarians to live Rural and share in Urban opportunities.
In partnership with the Province of Ontario, and the Municipalities of Strathroy, Lambton Shores, Tillsonburg, Perth/Stratford, and others, Voyago Transit is helping bridge the gap from Rural to Urban.

Voyago COVID-19 Response Measures

Voyago has implemented several protocols within our operations that ensure our Employees, Ridership, and Visitors are well protected from possible spread of COVID-19. Our multi-point strategy includes, Daily Active Screening, Personal Hygiene Measures, Personal Protective Equipment, Physical Distancing, Protocol Communications and Training, and Environmental Protection Actions for our facilities and vehicles.


We encourage you to follow your local guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and make use of  tools available from the Ontario Ministry of Health. 

Ontario Ministry of Health